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Submitted on
January 11, 2013
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Red begins to breathe in the darkness of night.
Red is who’s left at the end of a fight.
Red is present when lust enters the mind.
Red is there, he is all you will find.

Red’s heavy breathing, his panting, his screams,
Flow through your mind, ripping its seams.
Red’s sharp claws, like razors or daggers,
Come out among those who show off their staggers.

The bottle is best known as Red’s best friend,
They have led men to their marriage, and also their end.
Red has a wrath that is unlike any other-
In you and your sister, brother, father, and mother.

We are all Red, and Red is everyone.
Red enjoys playing games that involve a loaded gun.
Red seeps from your wrists, from your chest, from your mouth.
He is all you can see as your life tumbles south.

Red is a puppet master, toying with you.
Sometimes making you say things that aren’t even true.
Red controls you, making you his slave.
Red is you master until you’re in the grave.

Red makes you his mistress, longing to bed
The once humble heart that anger’s made dead.
But when you refuse, Red gets upset.
And Red has his way, leaving you with regret.

We all fall to Red, and his power so strong.
We answer the cry to Red’s loud battle song.
We try to rebel and we stand our own ground,
But Red creeps past our walls without making a sound.

an attempt at personifying a colour.
LachlanTemplar Jan 11, 2013  Student General Artist
The attempt was a huge success, I'd say. Are you going to do any other colors?
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